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CREW events are the place to network, learn, and advance your business and career.

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Explore what's in store for the commercial real estate industry by attending an IndyCREW educational, outreach, or networking event. These must-attend events are designed to help professionals from all aspects of commercial real estate advance their skills, connect with peers, be recognized for their achievements, and to learn about the latest innovations that are reshaping the way we live and work. 

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April Luncheon: Indiana Economy Fueled by Sports

EducationMarriott Indianapolis

from3:15 PM to - 5:00 PM UTC

Sports play a pivotal role in Indiana's economy, serving as both a source of entertainment and a significant driver of economic growth. From the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the passionate basketball culture, sports generate substantial revenue. Events like the Indianapolis 500 and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament attract visitors from across the nation, injecting millions of dollars into local businesses and hotels. Moreover, sports infrastructure development creates job opportunities and stimulates investment in surrounding areas.
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